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Industrial Coal Mining

Iron Ore and Manganese Mining Right
Project Northern Cape

EAP SA played a pivotal role in updating the Mining Works Program for an iron ore and manganese mine. Our expertise was crucial in streamlining environmental assessments and securing an Integrated Water Use License.
- Facilitated the mine's expansion while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and sustainable water use practices.

Coal prospecting right initiative

We provided specialized environmental consulting services for a coal prospecting right in Mpumalanga, focusing on ecological impact assessments and compliance strategies.
- Our assessment contributed to sustainable prospecting practices, minimizing environmental impacts while aligning with regional mining regulations.


Bulk sample permit for mining right
North West province

Assisted in obtaining a bulk sample permit for an existing mining right. Our involvement included thorough environmental evaluations and liaising

with regulatory authorities.
- Ensured the client's compliance with stringent environmental standards, facilitating responsible mining activities and sustainable resource

Renewable energy project
Eastern Cape

Assisted in the development of a large-scale renewable energy project, including wind and solar farms, aligning with South Africa's renewable energy goals.
- Contributed to the generation of 200 MW of clean energy, significantly reducing the region's reliance on fossil fuels and cutting carbon emissions by 30%.

Solar Panels in Mountains
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