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Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)

Our thorough EIAs encompass baseline studies, impact prediction, and management plan development, ensuring projects mitigate environmental impacts effectively. In parallel, we expertly navigate the permitting process, ensuring compliance with NEMA EIA Regulations and related legal requirements. 

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Water Use Licence Applications

Our team assists in the application and acquisition of water use licenses, ensuring compliance with the National Water Act. We handle assessments, documentation, and liaising with authorities.

Waste Permits

EAP SA offers guidance in obtaining waste permits, conducting necessary assessments and providing strategic plans for responsible waste management in compliance with the Waste Act.

Industrial Coal Mining

Mining & Prospecting Rights, Licences and Permits 

We specialize in securing mining-related authorizations, navigating complex regulatory landscapes to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Full Stakeholder Engagement

Our approach includes comprehensive stakeholder engagement, ensuring inclusive public participation in project development and decision-making processes.

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Environmental Auditing

Our skilled Environmental Control Officers conduct thorough inspections and assessments, focusing on regulatory adherence and environmental impact. These audits provide critical insights for maintaining compliance and identifying areas for improvement, ensuring your projects not only meet but exceed environmental performance standards.


We assist with navigating legal frameworks, offering sound advice on applications, licensing, and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to safeguard your projects against legal risks while promoting sustainable and responsible development.


Environmental Management
Programmes (EMPR)

We develop EMPrs tailored to specific projects, focusing on sustainable practices and compliance with environmental regulations. This includes monitoring plans and environmental risk mitigation.

GIS and Mapping

Utilising advanced GIS technology, we provide spacial analysis, environmental data assessment, and mapping services for enhanced project planning and impact assessment.

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